Appointment Preparation 

Locksley Media wants to provide you with the best product possible.  This includes some PREPARATION on the part of the agent & the home owner to make sure that the listing or business shines in the best possible way. to ensure that site is ready for our photographers we have put together a few different sheets to cover the most important things to consider when getting ready for an appointment.

Need Something You don't see here, reach out to us with anything you need & we will make sure to get it to you ASAP


Terms & Conditions


(Service Agreement)

Please read over the Terms & Conditions page.  It includes our service agreement which all clients need to agree to in the client center during placing an order, as well as, during account set up.  Printable Version coming soon.


Matterport 3D Appointment Prep

Use this PDF as a checklist to ensure the site is ready for a 3D Shoot.  Matterport 3D Tours can not have things edited out of the tour.  Once the tour is done the only way to remove something or to change it, is with a return visit to the site.


Aerial Drone Service

Use this PDF as a guide to ensure the exterior of the home is ready for an Aerial Drone Shoot.  With a Still Photo shoot, we can edit blue skies and some other things to make things look amazing.  With a Video shoot it is harder to create things like blue skies, so we want to make sure that we can shoot at the time of the appointment without having to wait while things are moved around.


Digital Photo Shoot Checklist

Use this PDF to make sure that Exterior/Interior sites are prepped for the Photographer.  If you are doing a 3D tour as well as Digital Photos, you can just use the Matterport 3D Tour PDF Check list.


MatterTag PDF

Want to add Mattertags to your tour.  Use this form to put in what you want in the tag & in what room you would like it placed.  Also in the email send any links to videos or pictures you would like to use.


Custom Project Form

Got an idea that isn't listed on in our Service page or really want something that is all your idea.  This form will help you build it to pitch it to us to be able to come up with an idea & a quote for you.


Coming Soon

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On Site Timeline

We want to show you from start to finish what we will do onsite to give your sellers a heads up of what we will be doing & a timeline of how long things could take.

Coming Soon


Need a W-9 for your records

Just email us a request & we will send one over to you.