"Get A Perspective Other Media Can't Match" - Aerial Drones are just another way we hold true to our Tagline.

Aerial Drones in Marketing

We offer 3 Types of Drone Services to Our Clients, Along with a new service to come in March 2018

  • Aerial Drone Still Photography

  • aerial drone videography

  • aerial drone/matterport fly-throughs 

so the big question is, which is right for you?

The answer is different for everyone because it will be based on the needs of individual clients & the message they are trying to get across to their audience.  Still can be helpful with print media, MLS photos, & Website Photos.  Video can get your message across & be shared by email & social media to capture peoples attention and show 2-3 minutes of footage or more.  Fly-throughs combine Exterior & Interior Marketing to bring a Visual Experience to all.  These allow the drone to fly right up to the door & let the viewer continue inside to look around.  Its a smooth way to cover all your bases in showing your space.


Aerial Drone Safety Information.

The 2 Major concerns when hiring someone to do aerial drone work comes down to this. Are they Licensed by the FAA & Do they have Insurance.

Drones can not only be fun but they can be really helpful when doing Marketing.  The issues that could arise are if you have hired someone to do drone work and they are not licensed by the FAA, not only can they be fined, but so can you.  Hiring a Licensed Drone Operator can save you time & money in the long run.  Don't just hire your friends uncle or whoever because they got a drone as a present & you want to save a few bucks.  FAA licensed drone operators know the laws, rules & regulations and most importantly how to fly safe.  

Locksley Media's Drone Pilot is licensed by the FAA, Our Drone is Registered & we carry a Million Dollar Policy to make sure everyone is Safe & Protected.


Take Your Marketing To New Heights With Us.



We have the equipment to take off & land onn water, snow, rocks, sand, tall grass, angled surfaces, and a variety of other difficult terrain. 

This allows us to go where others Can't.