2D Floor Plans show dimensions* by Room, Floor & Entire Space Scanned.

3D Floor Plans can show a space mapped out with or without Furniture in place.


Listing Presentations & Open Houses

Need something extra to WOW a seller into getting a listing?  Why not suggest a Floor Plan.  These can be used in your MLS listing as photos, in a binder or handouts during open houses, or even just as a way to present an expiring listing in a new way to keep it.  PDF, JPG or PNG.  We deliver great looking Floor Plans from any 3D Matterport Tour.  


 Interior Maps for posting to Websites

Want to show people where events are or the quickest way around the office or school.  An accurate 2D black & white floor plan can make sure that your customers know where to go or just really show off your space. 


Fire Escape Plans

This is just a really great idea for the buyers.  Add this to your floor plans at no cost.  We think as a safety measure for a new house is just a good idea as a family to go over.  Present this to the buyers as a thoughtful gift & show that you go the extra mile to provide them peace of mind in an emergency.  Just have them plan it out, send us the plan & we will mark with red arrows & mark the meeting spot for them.  


Renovation Planning

Use the floor plans to map out projects, renovations or just get everyone on the same page.  As a JPG you can import it into paint and draw on them to show what you are planning out to contractors, co workers or just keep notes for yourself.  



Floor Plans give a sense of the space.

*Our 2D Floor Plans are dimension accurate up to 99%.  Square Footage is calculated from our Matterport 3D tours & listed on them.  We provide these in JPG format for use on the MLS as photos & in PDF format for Listing Binders, Handouts at Open Houses or just as a reference.  PNG File format is available on request.

*Our 3D Floor Plans are dimension accurate up to 99%.  Square footage is calculated from our Matterport 3D tours & listed on them.  Use the images for listing presentations, property flyers and more.