How We Started with the Idea of presenting Locksley Media as the way to

"Get A Perspective Other Media Can't Match".


We exist to create value through Innovation for those whose property is their Business. We work in sectors from Real Estate to Education, Hospitality & Leisure to creating Immersive Visual Experiences or Interior & Exterior Spaces. We are driving the future where Virtual Experiences are the norm, not the exception, whether on screen or in VR. While the searching, booking & buying process is almost entirely online, the way properties are being displayed has remained largely unchanged. We don’t believe photographs alone are sufficient to sell a property, close a contract or serve a customer at your table.....If they can find you online, we enable them to step inside your premises, on their screen to explore. We work closely with you to design the most suitable combination of 3D, VR, 360° Imaging, photography, videography and design to showcase your property in its best light. We will manage your project, explain all of the technical details & be on hand with advice on integrating your media with your wider marketing campaign and goals.


Locksley Consulting Llc is the Holding Company for Locksley Media Llc


Locksley Consulting (LC) is a Holding Company in the state of Maine, USA.  Currently the brands included under the LC banner are Locksley Media & Locksley Development Group (launching spring of 2018).  Our Brands go hand in hand with our mission to bring the worlds of Real Estate & Technology together to produce great projects whether it be Marketing for Business' or Realtors to turning distressed properties into great new homes in the communities of which we live and work.

Locksley Consulting's Other Brands

Locksley Development Group (Coming Late 2018) ( until late 2018 for infomation)


Renovation & Rehab

Like what you see? You’re not alone!  We make great homes for those who are ready for fully renovated luxury design at an affordable price. We don’t cut corners and we don’t mass produce homes. 

We see the potential and design custom plans to make the most out of each home. There are no Rehab & Reno companies in Central Maine that do what we do. We deliver turn key properties for those who enjoy traditional and sometimes historic neighborhoods with all of the modern amenities that you can expect from properties with a much higher price point. We draw inspiration from home designs from all over the world, we carefully observe and implement styles that don’t yet exist in Central Maine. 

Our goal is to set the gold standard in house flippers in Maine.


We understand the challenges that renovating a home can represent. For current owners, sometimes selling your home for its market price and investing in a new one just seems easier. If your home’s “fix it” list is running long these days, we're here to help. Our extensive database of professionals can help you: buy a property, do all the renovations from beginning to end, and sell the property, so you can expect results not in years, but in months. Our services are unique in the sense that we can walk you through the whole process with minimal effort – we make it simple. 

We have the vision and the resources to make your fixer upper into someone else’s dream house. The best part of this process is that you get a fair market value for your property so you won’t be loosing money and you won’t have to worry about inspections that residential buyers rely upon. With our approach, we don’t need to buy a home that is in great condition. Instead we look at your home’s potential value even if it’s not in tip top shape or structurally appealing. Leave it to us to take care of all the repairs and renovations, this is something that no other agency will be able to provide for you.

Our in house project managers can give you an estimated purchase value, renovation cost and projected sale value all at once. As long as the market doesn’t vary drastically, we can make your money work for you the way you want it to without having to wait a long time to see results. 

With Locksley you no longer have to worry about doing research, hiring the right contractors and overseeing the whole project. Instead, you can rest assured that your money is in trustworthy hands that can take care of the job for you quickly and efficiently.