We’re Looking For Good Clients…

Just Like You! 

not that you have to share us with your competition, but do you Have other Realtors in your office, or do you know any Builders, Business Owners, Rental Property Owners.  Do you Like our services, why not tell a friend?

We love referrals! So to show our appreciation for the shout out, we’d like to give something back…

Earn Credit Towards Your Next Service!!

Get a $50 credit towards your next service every time you refer a new client, once they book & pay for their 1st service through Locksley Media, your account will be credited $50.

We offer Unlimited number of new client referrals for credit.  Credits are good for 4 Months from date of 1st service paid from referred new client.  Credits can be combined to cover an entire property's service or broken up for different properties.

1 credit of $50 per new client for their first order only.  Every order by that client after the first, will not earn the referring client anymore credit.  Each new client will earn the referring client $50 & can be combined with more referrals to be used towards future projects.  No Cash value will be given.  Credits are good for 120 days or 4 Months from payment from new client.  After 120 days, unused credits will no longer be available.