The real estate video marketing strategies that win new leads & clients are those that take advantage of the numerous varieties of video that exist. Listing videos remain the most popular video agents produce. Having said that, there are so many more genres of video you can have created to make your audience more aware of your business & generate new leads — including some of the ones we have listed below.  Let us create some of these unique video types to add another layer to your online marketing presence.

Videos (other than listing videos) are priced on a project by project basis. Explain what your looking to do & we will help get your message across.

Some Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas

Community/Neighborhood Videos

Real estate property videos are essential to show off every facet and corner of your clients’ homes. But one important factor practically every home buyer takes into strong consideration in their final purchasing decision is the neighborhood and community in which a listing resides.  Your listing could be the only one with an in-ground swimming pool, spacious patio, and large built-in playground in town, for example, but if prospective buyers — in this case, the target audience being growing families — can’t see what the neighboring homes look like or don’t know what local schools are like, then you may not entice them to see the residence in person.  The answer is simple: Community Videos. We can spend a few days capturing footage of notable businesses, parks, developments, and other facets of your market. Once we have them, they can be used in every listing video you create and develop standalone videos to highlight the market as a whole.

Listing Videos

As noted, listing videos are the reigning champ of real estate videos. Showing off the properties you represent in stylish fashion via video is an effective means of impressing top-of-the-funnel leads who are learning about the properties in your market, as well as moving middle- and bottom-of-the-funnel leads into telephone, email, and in-person meetings. The great thing about listing videos is you don’t have to just put photos in a slideshow to showcase them anymore.  Whether you work in a beach town where you can capture beautiful shots of waterfront properties, a rural community with vast, open fields, or a suburban area with modern and attractive new-builds, Video equipment & drones offer a unique opportunity to obtain stellar footage.

“About Me” / Explainer Videos

The awesome thing about many of these videos is you can take the exact same copy you use from different aspects of your real estate agent website and use that as your script for your recordings. This one is an excellent example: Take what you wrote for your site’s about page and use the same copy, or modify it somewhat, to explain who you are, where you’re from, what certifications/designations you have, what your sales history is like, and any other professional and personal tidbits you want to share with your audience.

An explainer video can provide plenty of interesting and useful information on its team members, background, and mission in the video above, leaving no major details about the brand unspoken. This is the kind of social proof that shows there are real humans behind the agency — ones with great attention to detail and dedication to the job — and that can go a long way in resonating with buyers and sellers.

“How-to” Videos

Don’t have a whiteboard at your disposal? Not a problem: You can still share your wisdom with leads in other ways, one of the more popular of which is to record your “how-to” tips and tricks and then put together informative slides after the fact that relay the high-level talking points you made.  Searches for “how-to” content on YouTube have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, so by simply titling your real estate videos with this moniker, you enhance your chances of being one of the top-clicked videos for your niche topics.

Team/Office Culture Videos

You might not think local home buyers and sellers would be interested in seeing the day-to-day life at your firm’s office, but you’d be surprised what can help demonstrate the competence, character, and charisma of those working at your company. No, we don’t mean for you to show water-cooler talk in the kitchen or strategy sessions for new leads. Instead, plan scenes in which you and your colleagues/employees are shown talking with clients, pitching prospects, and conducting online marketing activities — in other words, the things buyers and sellers want to see from firms who could represent them.

Moreover, agents looking to make a move to a new real estate brand can look at these videos as a peek at what it’s like to work at your business and get a glimpse of how agents perform at the agency, meaning you have yet another recruitment tool in your arsenal. Take a look at the video as a superb example of a video that appeals to both prospective hires and clients.

Listing Presentation Videos

It’s important to understand these videos should act as supporting collateral for your actual listing presentation, not as a replacement for it (after all, it would be kind of weird to show a prospective client a video and then not say a single word after, right?). In just 150 seconds, the agents were able to succinctly (and humorously) explain their value proposition, including what clients can expect them to do in terms of real estate marketing ideas they have for promoting their homes for sale.

It’s completely understandable if you don’t want a superhero-themed listing presentation video, but you have to admit, this clip is clever and is certainly an attention-grabber — something that can separate you from the crowded pack of agents pitching the same leads.


* Video Examples are not all from Locksley Media.  We will make sure to have your videos customized to you.